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Do you truly understand your dog's needs?
We do, because we strive to give your pets the love and care that they deserve.

Our healthy philosophy is that each of our ingredients has a special nutritional purpose ; without these ingredients, in the right proportions, the nutritional quality of the food will be compromised. Weles offers only the best multi-nutritional products engineered and balanced specifically to meet your dog's needs.
Product Attributes
    1. A perfect animal and vegetable protein combination which is easily digestible. Promotes a healthy coat, regularity and reduces stool odor.
    2. A perfect vitamin and mineral group to stimulate growth and breeding.
    3. A perfect source of omega fatty acids:6 lioleic acid and3 lionlenic acid to help keep the skin and hair healthy.
    4. Weles pet foods contain no artificial flavoring, no chemical preservatives, and no bean or bean byproducts (reduced bloating).
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star(1).gif (1083 個位元組)Weles Puppy
We select only fresh, high quality materials. The food is enriched with all of the necessary vitamin and mineral groups.Each of our proteins is selected in order to help the digestion process. Once again, there are no chemical preservatives.This line of food is suitable for puppies until adults. 

Proportions: protein >27%, fat>12%, fiber <4%, water <11%
Packing: 15kg ,9kg(20LB) , 3kg, 1.8kg

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star(1).gif (1083 個位元組)Weles Adult

Weles Adult line of pet food provides the energy to keep your lovely dog healthy and active. Our protein comes from fresh material and helps your dog to develop a perfectly shiny coat. Again, there are no colors or chemicals added. This food is easily digestible and helps to reduce stool odor and promote regularity.

Proportions: protein >26%, fat>10%, fiber <4%, water <12%
Packing:15kg, 9kg, 3kg, 1.8kg


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