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Weles Canned Food For Dogs
Weles canned food for dogs is formulated to satisfy your lovely  dog's health and nutritional needs.

Our high quality
meats undergo high heat cooking to seal in the flavor and kill bacteria and viruses. We do not add any artificial colors or preservatives. Weles canned food for dogs has yucca and schidigera to  help digestion and neutralize urine and stool odors (canned dog foods contain water and meat; most dogs that eat canned foods produce a smelly excrement-not Weles dogs!) If your dog's coat is unhealthy, or if your dog becomes allergic to other canned foods,Weles has designed a special line of non-allergenic foods-The Weles Lamb Can.
A Good Source of Calcium
Provides enough calcium to help your lovely dog grow. It strengthens bones while reducing
bone disorders.
A Good Source of Vitamins
Makes your lovely dog grow strong and healthy. It also provides your dog with a balanced complement of vitamins and minerals to give your dog a healthy, shiny coat.
Product Attributes
  • no soybean content
  • no salt added
  • no coloring
  • no chemical preservatives
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Weles Lamb Can
This multi-nutritional product uses high quality lamb meat, and is designed for allergenic dogs, and dogs susceptible to coat problems.

lamb, chicken, animal byproducts

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Weles Chicken Can

Weles Chicken Can's proteins and minerals come from small
chickens, turkey and lamb to provide your lovely dog with a tasty,
highly nutritional meal.

Ingredients: chicken, turkey, high quality lamb, animal byproducts

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Weles Beef Can
Weles Beef Can uses high quality beef and liver, and has enough vitamins and minerals to provide a healthy, tasty, well-balanced meal. There are no chemical preservatives or artificial colors. Weles Beef Can comes in an all new easy-open format.

Ingredients: beef, chicken, animal byproducts
  Proportions: protein>8%, fat>6%, fiber <1.5%, water <80%
Packing: 400g

MADE IN New Zealand

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9F., No.3, Lane 112, Wu Chan 7th St., West District, Taichung City 403, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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