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star(1).gif (1083 個位元組) Start Your Cats Off Right With Weles!
Weles canned cat food uses only select, high quality fish and meat. We cook our foods under high heat to seal in the flavor and kill bacteria. In addition to great taste, Weles canned cat food supplies and abundance of vitamins and minerals. We have developed 5 different flavors in two handy formats for your convenience.
Product Attributes
    1. Provides a healthy supply of tuarine.
    2. Low cinerea and magnesium.
    3. Helps reduce FUS.
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個位元組) Weles Cod & Shrimp Can
  High quality shrimp and cod are specially blended  to produce a great tasting, easily digestible meal. We refine each of our products to provide awell- balanced, low magnesium diet for your cat.

cod, shrimp, meat products, wheat germ

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個位元組) Weles Chicken Cat Can


Cats love meat; they need animal proteins and fats to remain healthy. We use only the most edible pieces of chicken to provide an easily digestible yet tasty cat food. This is the best cat food for your lovely cat.


chicken, animal byproducts, liver, wheat germ

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個位元組) Weles Seafood Platter Can
  Weles seafood platter can is made from an assortment of deep-sea fish to provide a balanced, nutritional and aromatic meal. This will soon become one of the favorite foods your lovely cat will enjoy. Weles canned cat food contains tuarine,is low in magnesium and is highly  nutritious.

sea fish, meat products, liver, wheat germ

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個位元組) Weles Whitefish & Tuna Can
  Weles uses only the highest quality ingredients to give your cat the healthy diet it needs. We don't add artificial coloring or flavors. Our whitefish and tuna can supplies cistine and an assortment of nutrients that your cat needs.

whitefish, meat byproducts, tuna, wheat germ

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個位元組) Weles Savory Salmon Can
Weles savory salmon can uses shrimp and the best selection of salmon and tuna to give your cat an easily digestible meal. This food contains cistine and natural fats to provide your cat with a safe and healthy canned food that is low in magnesium.

salmon, salmon liver, tuna, wheat germ
Proportions: protein >10%, fat>6%, fiber <1%, water <80%
Packing:  85g, 156g


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